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Pure Focus Facials 30 min

Discover your skin’s potential with these abbreviated facials focusing on one of the following components of the Elemental Facial:

  • Refinement Focus – Great for dull, congested, or oily skin. A “must” between regularly scheduled facials.
  • Massage Focus – If you love facial massage but dread extractions this service is for you. Relax and enjoy.
  • Masque Focus – Infuse your skin with antioxidants, hydration, or detoxification with one of these amazing masques. Great for recently sun damaged skin.

Aromatherapy Facial 60 min

This unique aromatic journey includes cleansing, steaming, gentle exfoliation, massage, masque, and hydration. Improve your skin’s texture and tone while awakening your senses.

Aveda Elemental Facial 90 min

Our goal is to restore balance to the skin. Your Skin Care specialist will consult with you to design a 90 minute facial treatment that includes personalized products, essential oil aromas, and facial techniques. Your restorative skin session will be created from the following elemental nature skin needs:

  • Infinity Nature – balances normal to dry skin conditions
  • Air Nature – nourishes dry, dehydrated, and mature skin
  • Fire Nature – cools and soothes sensitive, irritated skin
  • Water Nature – clarifies blemished and congested skin
  • Earth Nature – purifies normal to oily skin conditions


30/60/90 min

Pure Focus Facials $50
Aromatherapy Facial $75
Aveda Elemental Nature Facial $100
Green Science™ Skin-Renewing Treatment $50/$100/$115

Add-on services

30/60/90 min

Revitalizing Eye Treatment $25
Face and Décolleté Finish $25
Green Science™ Plant Peel $25
Stone Infusion $10