Safety update


Hello Guests!

May 14th, 2020

Wisteria Aveda Salon & Spa is so glad to welcome you all back to our hallowed halls of hair, love and joy! 

Please call us on Monday, May 18th at (864) 331-3333 to make your appointment– we will be answering phones from 10-4pm and regular business hours after that.

*NOTE* We’ve made a few small changes to our processes in light of the virus to keep you and our team safe. Wisteria Aveda Salon & Spa asks that you read and adhere to the following behaviors when you are joining us for a service:

1) Stay home if you are sick!
If you have or have recently had, any symptoms of COVID-19 (fever, respiratory, runny nose, etc.) please reschedule for a later date.

2) Wear a mask!
Please bring a mask and wear it the whole time while you are in the salon. We are not able to provide masks to guests.

3) No cash allowed!
Please plan to pay with a credit or debit card as we are not accepting cash or checks at this time.

4) Stay safe!
Stay 6ft away from others at all times in the salon, do not arrive early or bring any additional humans with you. If possible, please call and check-in from your car to avoid the waiting area all together.

5) Be clean!
Utilize Wisteria’s hand sanitizer upon entering and leaving the salon, and wash hands when using the restroom.